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Cooking for our family members requires planning. A wedding requires an organized planning. A corporate event requires an organized planning. A good government requires a well-organized planning. Everything on earth needs some planning and organization with varying intensity. Some organization like Lifestyle Wardrobes in Perth aid us in organizing our wardrobes in a very efficient way. East or west, home is always the best place on earth. Designing and organizing our home is one of the best investments we make. Sources from websites like flood us with various choices when it comes to interior designing.

Why Should You Organize Your Wardrobe?

It saves time and energy while dressing up for events.
It reduces confusion as it quickly gives a clear and complete picture of clothes and accessories with us.
It makes our house look very trendy and smart.
Organizing the wardrobes help to identify unnecessary clothes and accessories lying idle for a very long time.
When it comes to a big family with many members in it, organizing wardrobes is mandatory because it avoids unnecessary arguments among family members.

How To Organize Your Wardrobe?

What is more fun than organizing our wardrobe? A duly organized wardrobe saves our time and energy. It serves as our personal assistant when we need to dress up as quickly and trendy as possible.
Before organizing our wardrobe, we need to know what all the stuff we have accumulated these many days. We may have gained or lost some weight. Some clothes would have faded. Some clothes would have become out of fashion. So first, let us take all the clothes and accessories out of the wardrobe.
Put down all the clothes and accessories on a widely spaced surface so that it will give a comprehensive glance of the items available and it facilitates sorting process.

Clean the wardrobe and check for repairs, if any, needed. If you are interested in painting new colors on it or fitting mirrors, this is the best time to do. Extra hangers or partitions can be built.
Note down the total space available, i.e., the total number of drawers, hangers, etc. If more space is available, then all the clothes can be arranged in the same wardrobe in a more organized way. If less space is available, then some clothes and accessories should be stored somewhere else.
Please find other storage places in the house and make sure it is quickly accessible from the original wardrobe.

Now, sort the clothes and accessories available depending upon its frequency of usage. Sort out the items which require some mending separately. Those items which can be given for charity purpose or sold should be sorted separately.

Except for those items that are to be given away, the remaining items should be stored in the wardrobe. Those items requiring mending should be fixed before putting them into the wardrobe. Proper segregation of the clothes frequently used and infrequently used should be made. Rarely used clothes and accessories may be placed on the top shelf. Frequently used items should be very accessible and should be put on the medium shelf. To organize and make the wardrobes look better, you can stick small tags on the door.

These are some simple yet useful tips to keep your wardrobe organized and neat looking.

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Engagement is a very special function which would always stay close to your heart. Picking up the right engagement ring for your dear one may be a complex task especially when you have a plethora of options to choose from. The style, the type of stones and their cut, the kind of metal, the design, etc. are some of the questions which arise in your mind when you are on your search for a ring. Vintage engagements rings are something worth a try! Have a look at the vintage collection of Gerry the jeweler!

Before making a decision, read this to know what makes vintage rings different from the rest!

They are unique

Your engagement ring is a representation of your true love, so it should be something truly unique. Its singularity will be affected if many around you have the same type of ring. According to a recent fashion article in, this is the reason why people nowadays are behind vintage rings. They are crafted by talented jewelers and would be unique master pieces with not many duplicates found around. Thus a vintage ring is the best symbol to represent your unique love to your dear one.

They make excellent heirlooms

An engagement ring is a sign of commitment and affection that has to stay on your finger till your death. You may even pass it on to your next generation as a pride possession. Take the case of Prince William who used his mother’s engagement ring to propose to his lady love. So, instead of buying an ordinary engagement ring, invest a little effort and money to pick up an exceptional one which can be a treasure for your coming generations.

Don’t worry about conflict diamonds

Some diamonds, though they may be very less in number were mined out by workers who were war captives and the money gained by selling them went to buy weapons to support the war. Such a diamond is definitely not something which you would wish to have in your engagement ring. It should symbolize love and not war or conflicts. Only diamonds produced between the early 1990s and early 2000s have this concern associated with them. The percentage of such diamonds is less than one, but why risk it when you have vintage rings as your safest option?

Their history is unmatchable

It would be a great privilege to wear a vintage ring with some history behind it.  A real vintage ring would have a lot of stories associated with it regarding the ones who had worn it, where it had been, the times it had gone through, etc. A new ring would have just beauty but never such an exciting history! So if you want your engagement ring to be really special, buy an original vintage ring which is a tiny fragment of the bygone era!

So, make a wise decision and pick up the right jewel for your special occasion. Choose something which you can proudly hand over to your next generation! It’s a symbol of your eternal love; so choose the ultimate best!

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