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Traditionally, women have been wearing leggings for a workout, casual wear or sports. This trend has caught up with men too. Running tights or leggings for men are not made only to show the muscles that you built spending hours in the gym. Apart from being trendy, tights or leggings have many advantages like improving your performance during workouts, provide more stretch and more comfortable than casual shorts. www.runnersworld.com states that many who wear tights can perform better in competitions.

If you are not convinced and still wondering why leggings for men? Below are a few reasons

Protection: Be it in the cold or when it is hot and windy, leggings are an all season outfit. They protect the skin of your legs when it is too hot or too cold. If you are an athlete, this is a must have a piece of clothing as it is an ideal way to protect your skin without compromising on your workout.

Compression tights: The leggings are made from materials which fit you like a second skin to your body. As per studies conducted on Sports Medicine, wearing compression tights improve blood circulation to the legs and hands causes less fatigue, especially when running long distances. They offer more support to the legs, this improving your recovery time after long distance running.

Warmth: Opt for tights over sweatpants or even shorts during winter as leggings give the much-needed warmth during this season. Moreover, it is lightweight, thus not adding a lot of weight or make you too warm during the run. The fabric used is such that they offer warmth but also absorb sweat so that you do not feel too hot.

Aerodynamics: Leggings provide an aerodynamic advantage. Depending on the kind of clothing you wear, the resistance to wind varies. Tights help lower wind resistance and increase the speed of the athletes; this helps them improve their performance.

If you think that leggings are only for the sporty kind of men, then you are wrong!
They are:
Trendier looking than skinny jeans which restrict your movement. The stretchy material gives freedom of movement.
Warmer than shorts
Umpteen choices of color, fabrics, and prints

Few style tips for men who are thinking of wear leggings:
Go Multilayer: Darker leggings with a loose fitting jacket looks trendy. Layered outfits look great on everyone.
Stay Simple: Pairing solid or dark colors with a vibrant print looks simple but also rocking. Toning up or playing down the tops and leggings depending on your mood. Sometimes dressing simply looks good.
Accessories: Scarves, jewelry, hats all add a little bit of jazz to your outfit. That will make your leggings a part of your clothing rather than stand out. It is all about how you carry it off.
Long Tees: Whatever the type of leggings you wear, dressed in a long graphic tee or a long shirt gives a sleek look and also provides extra coverage.
Go Colorful: Skin tight leggings compliments well with a loose top, be it a short a jacket or a tee. Contrast your leggings and top. Wearing colorful leggings will look attractive.

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