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Buying a hat is a pleasure for most of you. Yes, there may be confusions when you enter the shops as there will be so many presented before you. Finding the perfect mens hat accessories is such a matter of joy. Did you know that the appearance of the hat is not the only factor you have to consider?

Buying a hat should depend on the following factors:-
· The shape of your face
· Color combinations
· Skin color vs. color of the hat
Some of you may be surprised knowing that the shape of your face has a role in determining what hat to wear. Let’s take a look at this.

Commonly seen shapes includes
· Square face
· Round face
· Diamond face
· Oblong face
For a square face, try getting a floppy hat or one with curvy lines (the type bowlers commonly wear). Since these groups of people have a wide forehead with wide cheekbones, such hats will give a flattering look.

Now those of you who have round faces should get an angular hat. This is because your face is really symmetrical. You can also get a hat with a peaked brim or slanted one. High crowns also suit this category of people well. Remember now to buy rounded tall crowns and also wide ones. This will enhance the round appearance of your face.

Diamond Shape
For this category, you need a pinched crown hat with a moderate or wide brim. Since your face is angular, this will bring out your best features.

Measuring your hat size
The perfect fitting hat is what you need to bring out the real look. It will help people appreciate your choice. Get a measuring tape and check the circumference of your head, just above the ears. Every shop will have a size chart which will help you match your measurement.
Now go out and shop for the perfect hat!

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